Who’s it behind all this ?

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The hidden face of My Sweet Neko is Charlotte, a hypersensitive animal lover with a BIG fondness for felines (which fit on the knees!), a particular need to use her hands in sewing and DIY, and a interest, training in support, for graphic design, the web, colors, objects, all this and that…

The idea for these sewing creations for cats and dogs came to me simply the day an adorable little ball of fur, with a raccoon tail and long whiskers, managed to impose itself in my life!

Well… OUR lives since we are 2 and, bad luck, “Sir” is allergic!

Against all odds, he adopted her too (a bit of forcing?! Na!) and both are doing very well!

So I went to buy her everything she needed (and much more!) for her well-being in the house and there, in the stores, I was struck by the lack of choice and originality of the fabrics used for the baskets and accessories!

Always the same colors! Solid, mainly, or kitsch to death with paw prints! Yuck! (The one I took in the end is brown, cream on the inside… The least ugly!)

So, skilled with my hands, with a good bundle of fabrics in stock (impulsive buyer, me??), I took out the machine and created the very first basket of what I hope will be a very long series!



Therefore, if you want to transform a curtain fall, add the name of your animal or change the size of a model… No problem!

Leave a little message on the contact page form, directly at the hello@mysweetneko.be email address or even on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’ll quietly discuss and think together about this personalized product !