Who’s it behind all this ?

Say hi !

Behind the scenes of My Sweet Neko there’s Cha (for “Charlotte” ! “Cha-t” in french = “cat” so… Coïncidence??)…

Oversensitive animal lover with a BIG crush on felines (which fit on the knees !), a special need for sewing and DIY handwork, and, justified by a diploma, interest in graphic design, web design, colors, objects, all this and that…


The idea for these cat sewing creations simply came the day the cutest little ball of fur with a raccoon tail and some big whiskers showed up in my life !

Well… OUR lives as we are 2 and, oh hell, “Mister” has cat allergies !

But against all odds he adopted her too (did I forced him?! Nah !) and everyone’s going well !


So I went shopping for her needs and wellbeing (and more…) and I was a lot disappointed to notice that catbeds and toys have a real lack of choice and uniqueness regarding their fabric patterns or colors in shops.

Always the same colors ! Boring solid ones or deadly kitschy with their paw-paw patterns ! Yuk ! (I finally chose the least ugly and boring one. Brown and cream colored !)

Back home I put my crafty hands at work, made a choice in my “small” fabric stock (impulsive buyer ? ME??), took out my sewing machine and created what would be my first, hopefully of many, little cute catbed !


I keep developping my designs, aiming to delight other people’s eyes and interior decoration.

Other people like me, who want a beautiful and comfy object for their cat that they would be proud to expose somewhere (mostly anywhere) in their home !


I sew 3 catbed sizes (S, M & L) because those offered in shops are, in my opinion, not suited for cats (you’ll mostly find normal/big to really big ones) and there are no beds made for the kitties, so that they feel lost in these large empty spaces…

More and more different patterns and colors will be released on the website according to what fabric market has to offer (believe me it’s a never ending story !).


Special customization is also available !

Therefore if you want to transform an upholstery leftover fabric or change a design’s size because you have a Maine Coon that’s becoming larger than you are…


Leave a little message on the contact page form, directly at the hello@mysweetneko.be email address or even on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’ll happily discuss and think together about this customed product !